Things Everyone Needs To Know How To Do

Things Everyone Needs To Know How To Do

Independence is the key to living a healthy and productive life. To be self-reliant, one must master a few basic skills, more or less making them a leader of all professions. Contrary to what you might have learned in school, an expert in all careers is more equipped to deal with life than a master in just one profession. While not entirely comprehensive, here we listed Things Everyone Needs To Know How To Do.

Know basic survival skills

Know basic survival skills

One of the best Things Everyone Needs To Know How To Do is survival skills. Should you ever be stranded in a forest or forced to survive outside, you’d want to know the best places to get water, what you can and cannot eat in the wild, where to build a makeshift bed, how to catch a fish, how to correctly cross a river, how to keep your core body temperature high… and much more. Get a survival guide and begin learning.

Know how to grow your own vegetables

Even if you live in a city, you should make an effort to learn to grow your own food including all kinds of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. It takes a lot of skill, experience, and time to make these plants yield valuable output- so if you’re interested in learning this- don’t waste another minute. You might need this skill one day.

Know how to be persuasive

You may be surprised to know that you probably already have the qualities you need to be persuasive. It doesn’t mean you have to be manipulative or a suck-up. Genuine persuasiveness is an important part of being successful. These secrets will help you learn to develop them.

Know how to change a tire

Know how to change a tire

It’s possible you get a flat while on a trip one day, with no access to a car repair place; perhaps even stranded in the middle of nowhere. What if no one on this trip knew how to change the tire?  Changing a tire is something you can learn how to do in a matter of minutes that could save you lots of time and headaches on your next road trip.

Know how to remember peoples’ names

Most people are tired of that excuse that seems to glide off of so many people’s lips “I’m not good at remembering names…” Let’s stop making this excuse because a person’s name is the single most important thing you can possibly remember when you meet someone new. A good way to remember someone’s name is to say it at least twice during the conversation.

Know how to detect a lie

Things Everyone Needs To Know How To Do: Learning to detect when someone is lying to you seems like a sneaky thing to do, but you’d be surprised how handy it could become, especially if you’re raising children, or in charge of a huge team. It gives you the chance to consider all possibilities in a relationship. Did you know 91 percent of humans lie on a regular basis at work and at home, and you’ve lied to about 2 or 3 times in a ten-minute conversation? Yeah. Food for thought.

Know how to quote at least a few capital cities

Know how to quote at least a few capital cities

Yes, we learned them in school, but no we can’t remember them when it comes to the pub quiz night. Get better at geography now so your quiz team can take the prize next time.

Know how to tell a good story

It sucks being the one person around the campfire who has nothing to offer, doesn’t it? Learn how to tell a good story that will have people using their imaginations again.  When the power goes out or there’s no cell phone service available, you’ll be a valuable source of entertainment to everyone.

Know how to defend yourself against single and multiple assailants

Why? Learning self-defense makes you more aware of your surroundings, first of all. You also stop taking physical confrontations for granted. You’re more likely able to avoid a fight effectively if you’ve learned the art of self-defense in the first place.

Know how to make money (without a job)

Know how to make money
Things Everyone Needs To Know How To Do

Jobs and paychecks are not the only way to earn money. There are many entrepreneurs out there who know this, but there are just as many people who are wondering how it’s done while slaving away at jobs. There is another way, and it’s not magic or the lottery. It’s determination, investing in your own education, and lots of sweat. And it’s definitely possible. Instead of plopping down in front of the t.v. after work, set some time aside to learns something and build up your educational and entrepreneurial skills.


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