Simple Ways to Keep Your Relationship

Simple Ways to Keep Your Relationship

Healthy relationships have been shown to increase our happiness, improve our health, and reduce stress. Studies show that people in healthy relationships have more happiness and less stress. There are basic ways to make relationships healthy, even though each relationship is different. These tips apply to all types of relationships: friendships, work, and home relationships, and romantic partnerships. Now, let’s read the below post: Simple Ways to Keep Your Relationship.

Raise your standards

You must hold yourself to high standards if you want a healthy relationship. If your expectations are low and you’re not putting in the effort to grow with your partner, the result will be a stale and deteriorating relationship. What is it that you truly want from your relationship? What are the standards you’d hold for your dream partner? What do you expect from your partner, physically and emotionally? Whatever it is, that’s the bar that you must hold for yourself as well. You are an active participant in this relationship; the way you want them to show up for you is the way you must show up for them.

Find something you appreciate about your spouse every day

Find something you appreciate about your spouse every day

This one is very easy because it is something that can be both said or kept to yourself. Try and think of at least one thing that you like about your spouse daily. Better yet, tell them! If your spouse brings you coffee in bed, tell them how much you appreciate that. When he or she takes the kids to basketball practice after work, let them know how much that means to you.
There is no better form of encouragement than being told by your spouse how much they appreciate the little things you do. And reminding yourself of the awesome things your partner does for you will certainly help you out in those moments when he is getting on your nerves a bit more than usual.

Spend time together without technology

Speaking of making eye contact, eliminating technology now and then is a great way to give your significant other your full attention. There is no denying how distracting technology can be, so make sure that you and your spouse are spending some time without it. Make a no cell phone rule for date night or leave the electronics in the other room during your morning coffee together.
Spending time together without the imposing distraction of technology allows you and your spouse to give each other the attention and consideration that you both deserve.

Surprise them – and not just on their birthday!

Surprise them – and not just on their birthday!
Simple Ways to Keep Your Relationship- Surprise them!

Who said surprises must be saved only for holidays and birthdays? It’s time to take it one step further than the annual birthday cakes and Valentine’s Day cards. We’re talking about out-of-the-blue surprises! A small gift just because “when I saw this I thought of you” or a surprise date. You can even leave a love note on the seat of your partner’s car one morning.
A simple “Love you, have a great day” with a few hearts here and there may seem a bit juvenile or silly. But hey, the lovey acts of kindness and romance worked at the beginning of the relationship, right? Well, they still do the trick after years of marriage!

 Develop trust 

Trust is the foundation of all productive and healthy relationships. Trust springs for respect, and both are necessary for sharing, interaction, and growth. And it’s during times of stress and uncertainty, when your mutual commitment can be subject to doubt, that you truly discover how much – or how little – you trust one another.
Can your partner trust you to be there for them, even when you’re stressed or uncertain? Can your partner trust you to be honest and clear with them, even when you feel like what you have to say might wound them? Do they trust that you will meet their needs?

Shift your focus 

plan to travel
Simple Ways to Keep Your Relationship- plan to travel

If you plan to travel the swerving, obstacle-ridden road toward a healthy relationship, you need to be clear to yourself about the outcome you want; once you achieve clarity and commitment, you have focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. Will you focus on the negatives, or will you put your energy toward solutions? Choose to focus on solutions, and you’ll be able to work through issues and celebrate the ways your differences enrich your life together. You’ll begin seeing your differences not as a problem or source of pain, but as a source of pleasure and excitement.


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