RHA TrueControl ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review

RHA TrueControl ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review

Reid & Heath Audio (RHA) is an audio company based in Glasgow that was founded in 2011. They have been one of the premier audio companies coming out of the UK. They are known for their RHA CL2 Planar wireless earbuds which won the Red Dot award for product design in 2019. The RHA TrueControl ANC is their latest product in the truly wireless space. In the article, we would like to share the review of RHA TrueControl ANC. Now, let’s Travelsyear.com review.

RHA TrueControl ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review


RHA TrueControl ANC - Design

The RHA TrueControl ANC is a chunky fit for anyone’s ears. That’s because they’re contoured to fit directly into your ear, as opposed to models like the Apple AirPods, which hang down with protruding stems. Crucially, it means a far firmer fit which means the more effective noise cancellation, along with a more secure design if you’re running while wearing them.

The key to finding the best fit for the RHA TrueControl ANC is to experiment with the wealth of ear tips that come bundled with them. There’s sure to be one size that works for you and it’s worth spending the time to figure it out. In particular, the quality of noise cancellation is massively affected by how snug a fit you find – but more on that later.

The carrying case that comes with the RHA TrueControl ANC is chunky – much like the earbuds themselves. It’s the same one that RHA has used for other earbuds, with a rotating barrel and a black aluminum frame that looks rather classy and business-like. Wireless charging is included, and the case contains LED lights to indicate how much charge the case has remaining.

RHA TrueControl ANC - Design

It is bulky though – a little heavier than other charging cases and surprisingly large in small hands too. Both the case and earbuds are fingerprint magnets, so enjoy the spotless look while it lasts. (It truly won’t last). Also, bear in mind that initially, the case can be a little confusing to open up and get the earbuds on the correct side. In some ways, it feels like it was designed more for the style than for practicality.

Continuing the theme of being a little different from the rest, the controls on the RHA TrueControl ANC are certainly special. They use a capacitive touch surface instead of a motion sensor and it shows.

It makes individual taps far easier than with other touch-sensitive control systems and you can also swipe fairly effectively. Occasionally, you’ll find yourself touching a control by mistake, such as when adjusting the earbud or removing it, but for the most part, it works very well. Best of all, you can use the RHA app to customize controls including choosing to use swipes or tap gestures.

Also, the RHA TrueControl ANC offers a wear detection sensor so playback is paused automatically when you remove the earbuds, and it resumes once you place them back in your ear. It works very well and we didn’t have any issues here.

Sound Quality

RHA TrueControl ANC - Sound Quality

The RHA TrueControl ANC earphones deliver relatively strong noise cancellation, which feels like it comes as much from the large earpieces passively blocking sound as it does from the circuitry. They cut out a solid amount of low-frequency rumble, comparable with the Apple AirPods Pro, but not as powerful as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. Mids and highs tend to make their way through the TrueControl ANC’s circuitry a little bit more easily.

There’s a very slight, audible hiss, but you can only hear it in a quiet room when no music is playing, and it’s so faint it’s hardly worth mentioning. Ambient mode provides a solid way to hear your surroundings, and in the app, you can raise and lower the volume of the mics. Generally speaking, this is a very good ANC, just not the best.

For audio performance, we tested the earphones in neutral EQ mode. On tracks with intense sub-bass content, like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” they deliver powerful bass depth, and at the top, unwise listening levels, they don’t distort. The lows aren’t over the top, however, and the highs are nicely balanced.

Battery Life

RHA TrueControl ANC - Battery

The TrueControl ANC’s battery life of 20 hours – five hours from the buds, plus 15 hours from the charging case – isn’t superior to its sibling, though. That isn’t perhaps wholly surprising considering noise cancellation is rather battery-draining, but it is still somewhat disappointing in light of the competition.

RHA TrueControl ANC

In conclusion, The RHA TrueControl ANC offers a comfortable listen – one that can be easily endured for hours without it grating. However, it’s not all that compelling, especially at lower volumes where they all too easily settle for offering background listening. Despite their neat, comfortable earbud design and decent noise-canceling, they need to offer more in the sound department at this premium price to merit a place on people’s shortlists.


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