How to Focus on Yourself when your Life Messy

How to Focus on Yourself when your Life Messy

How to Focus on Yourself when your Life Messy has many benefits. By improving your relationship with yourself, you can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. Prioritizing yourself can also benefit your physical health, as you will learn to reduce stress and prioritize taking care of yourself. Putting yourself first is also a great way to spend time doing things you love. Don’t worry about being selfish. Recharge and spend time alone are not selfish. Keep reading our post below.

Create a self-care plan

Create a self-care plan

In its most literal sense, focusing on yourself revolves around self-care practices that meet your needs.

Self-care allows you to turn your attention toward yourself in a fundamental way. Everyone has basic needs that play an important part in overall well-being, including sleep, nutrition, physical exercise, and relaxation.

If you neglect these needs, you’re probably not getting enough time to recharge from life’s various sources of stress. You might not notice much of an impact at first, but eventually, you might see some unwanted changes in your physical and emotional health.

How to Focus on Yourself. To get started with self-care:

  • Make time for physical activity.
  • Add mood-boosting foods to your diet.
  • Give meditation a try.
  • Write or draw in a mood journal.
  • Read a book.
  • Aim to spend 2 hours in nature each week.

You don’t have to do every single one of these. In fact, it’s probably wise to start small. Choose one thing to work on, and gradually work your way toward other practices that make you feel good.

Try journaling

“Journaling is definitely something to try because it helps you get your thoughts out, which can be really helpful,” says Gersten. Grabbing a blank notebook and writing down whatever you’re thinking about can make it easier to organize your thoughts. It could help you let go of something you’ve been worrying about too, adds Maalouf.
Journaling is also a good way to focus on yourself because it’s time set aside to process your thoughts and feelings.
If you’re not a fan of writing, typing or recording a voice memo will have the same effect, she says. And if you decide you don’t like journaling in any form, don’t sweat it. It’s definitely not for everyone.

Ask yourself questions to get to know yourself better

Ask yourself questions to get to know yourself better

Building a stronger relationship with yourself will help you learn to prioritize yourself. To start this process, make a list of questions to ask yourself. It can be anything that comes to mind. The most important thing is that you answer them honestly. You can learn a lot about yourself by considering questions like:

  • What is your purpose?
  • How are you working towards that purpose?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What would you like less of in your life?

Keep a Journal

Self-reflection is a key part of focusing on yourself. And there’s no better way we’ve found to self-reflect than keeping a journal. The right journal will help you organize your thoughts, notice patterns in your emotions, and feel more in control of your life’s direction.
Not sure what to write about? Pick a journal that has prompts. Or just write about how you don’t know what to write about. Journaling isn’t about producing masterful prose that other people will read. The value comes from the process and the self-reflection that journaling enables.

Avoid the comparison trap

Avoid the comparison trap
How to Focus on Yourself- Avoid the comparison trap

Most people compare themselves to others on occasion. Perhaps you feel a little envious of a particular friend who always seems happy. “If only I had their brains (or partner, or style, or wealth, or anything else), I’d be happy, too,” you think.
But you don’t actually know how they find fulfillment in life. Even if their happiness does stem from the things they have, people are different, and there’s still no guarantee those same possessions will bring you the same joy.
Comparing yourself to someone else can motivate you to aim for similar goals, like a nice house, your dream car, or a loving partner. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as these new ideas don’t overshadow your existing values.

Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle

Good health is at the root of all other successful endeavors. You can push your body hard in the short term, going without adequate rest or good nutrition. But this isn’t sustainable behavior over the long term. Eventually, your body will get sick and fatigued, taking you out of work until you recover. It’s better to operate at a healthy, sustainable pace than to burn out in pursuit of fleeting gains.
The first big thing you can do to improve your health is to get enough sleep. Sleep may seem like a waste of time, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s what you need to keep your body strong and your brain energized. Aim for seven to eight hours per night (longer if you have a demanding workout program).
Speaking of working out, every healthy lifestyle includes some sort of physical practice. We prefer this term to “exercise” because most of us tend to associate exercise with running or lifting weights. While these are both fine forms of exercise, they represent just a small sample of the physical activities available. Pick one that you really like, and do it every day (just don’t overdo it, as injuring yourself is counterproductive).


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