Best Things to Do in Jasper, Alberta

Jasper, Alberta

There are a lot of the Best Things to Do in Jasper, Alberta we would share with you in the post below. Canada has always been one of the top ten choices for travelers in the world. Good food, great art, rich culture – what better way if you don’t like it? While in Canada, people make sure they visit the largest and accessible dark sky sanctuary in the world, Jasper. It is a specialized municipality in Alberta, serving as the commercial hub of Jasper National Park. A quaint little place in the middle of the enchanting Canadian Mountains, Jasper is more than just snow-capped mountains and shimmering lakes. Jasper, in all its glory, is a physical manifestation of Frozen’s Elsa – cold, but charming and oh so beautiful!

Spirit Island

Best Things to Do in Jasper, Alberta- Spirit Island

Spirit Island is a tiny island located in the massive Maligne Lake. The only way to reach the place is either by boat or by canoe, though the latter method takes all day to reach this beautiful peninsula. The Stoney Nakoda First Nation thinks that mountains are the physical manifestation of their ancestors. Since this island is surrounded by mountains, the place has, according to them, achieved spirituality – hence the name, Spirit Island.

This island is a magical place, offering you a breathtaking view of the calm waters of Maligne Lake and the towering mountains surrounding it. Whenever you decide to visit the island, make sure you plan the trip during the sunrise or even sunset, as the entire view becomes even more picturesque.

Soak in Miette Hot Springs

For a soothing dip in mineral-infused natural hot springs, make the 60-kilometer trek to Miette Hot Springs, which boasts the distinct honor of being the hottest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies.

The hot springs hit a piping-hot 54 degrees Celsius (129 degrees Fahrenheit) right from the mountain, but the water is cooled to a more reasonable – but still toasty – 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the pools where bathers come to swim. There are a few different pool options to choose from, including a couple of super-cold pools if you’re after a hot-and-cold experience.

Aside from soothing water chock full of sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, and sodium, the views from the pool are top-notch. The combination is optimal for a completely and utterly relaxing experience.

Jasper Food Tours

Best Things to Do in Jasper, Alberta- Jasper Food Tours

People don’t know much about this amazing thing to do here, but once you go on board with Jasper Food Tours, you will see worth it is. This mountain town of Canada is filled with restaurants, cafés, and outlets that have the most amazingly delicious food and drink – all of which goes undiscovered in the face of lakes and glaciers. Estelle Blanchette, a proud local, thought so too and launched Jasper Food Tours, which takes the people on an elaborate culinary experience around town.

Called as the Downtown Foodies Tour, it’s a three-hour tour, where the people walk around to the four local, amazing restaurants and learn about different Jasper landmarks in between.

Travel by Dogsled

A handful of different Jasper-area companies offer dogsledding tours – each offers different itineraries and covers different terrain, but all of them will allow you to explore Jasper while getting to know a team of adorable huskies.

Dogsledding is one of the oldest forms of winter transportation. Nestled into the sled, you’ll be surprised at how smooth the ride is and how much ground the dogs are able to cover. On the back of the sled, the musher serves as a sort of director for the dogs, indicating when they should speed up or slow down. Most tours offer passengers the opportunity to try their hand at mushing the sled.

Tours range from a short, hour-long trip to an overnight expedition that will have you staying in a log cabin deep into the woods. This Jasper activity runs through the winter, so be sure to dress very warmly.

Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake

The second-largest glacier-fed lake in the world, Maligne Lake enchants travelers with its brilliant turquoise waters and stunning skylines. Anyone who wants to trek to Maligne Lake should take the time to visit the lake’s Spirit Island as well, which is one of the most famous views of the Canadian Rockies in the world. The lake sits east of the Icefields Parkway in the southern portion of the park, and travelers can access the area with their own car, in an excursion bus, or even as part of a motorcycle tour. Once at the lake, visitors can take advantage of a variety of tours and excursions, or just explore the area independently.

Past visitors recommended bringing a camera to capture photos of the beautiful scenery – many note there are numerous photo opportunities. However, recent travelers also warned that both the cruise and nonmotorized watercraft rentals come at a steep price.


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