Best Things to Do in Hickory, North Carolina

Best Things to Do in Hickory

Hickory is located on the eastern edge of North Carolina. It is named by Henry Robinson, who founded the city, after a hickory log on which he built a pub underneath. In the 1940s, Hickory was the site of one of the worst polio outbreaks in the United States. The city is known to be home to some of the oldest furniture stores in the United States. It is also the birthplace of many of the iconic NASCAR drivers and has been nicknamed “Birthplace of NASCAR Stars”. Hickory is about an hour away from Charlotte and has many art shops, parks, and barbecue points. Here are the Best Things to Do in Hickory, North Carolina that we would share with you.

Catawba Science Center

The Catawba Science Center opened in 1975 and is housed inside an old Victorian building. The science center is designed to teach visitors more about various science fields and includes numerous exhibits and classes to help do so. The Catawba Science Center has a planetarium that plays laser light shows and guided constellation lectures. It also has a large aquarium filled with different marine species. When you’re done exploring the science center, you can stop by its gift shop which sells unique merchandise such as freeze-dried ice cream and puzzles.

Downtown Hickory Farmer’s Market

Downtown Hickory Farmer’s Market

Hickory’s Farmer’s Market is a seasonal market where several vendors sell local produce of fruits, vegetables, flowers, eggs, cheese, meats, and so much more.

Although small, the market is very popular among locals and tourists alike. It is the best place in town to sample the wholesome organic local produce.

Along with the produce, you can also sample or eat delicious and fresh loaves of bread, preserves, chocolate teas, pies, bagels, and more mouth-watering treats while enjoying live music and other fun activities.

You can also buy gifts, accessories, pottery, handmade cosmetics, and more from this market.

The farmer’s market is open from mid-April through the whole of October and operates only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from early morning to early noon.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise on Lake Hickory

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise on Lake Hickory

What better way to explore the beauty of Lake Hickory and the picturesque nature that surrounds it, than by going out on the water? Lake Hickory Adventures offers both private charters and public dinner cruises that include live entertainment and a full meal. You can choose from four different dinner cruises including an Italian dinner, prime rib dinner, steak, and seafood, or chicken cordon bleu, all of which also include side dishes, desserts, tea and water. Although they do not serve alcohol on board, you can bring your own if you’re over 21 and settle in to enjoy the scenery on the main deck, the rooftop party deck, or in the open-air seating on the sunset deck.

Bakers Mountain Park – Catawba County

Bakers Mountain Park is a fantastic place to go hiking amongst the abundance of wildlife and plants. Situated on the highest elevation point in Catawba County (1780 feet/542 meters), the park has nearly 200 acres (80 hectares) of mixed hardwood forest, comprised primarily of mature Chestnut Oak and Mountain Laurel. With plenty of recreational opportunities and picnic areas, there’s certainly plenty to keep visitors busy all day long. Make sure you climb to the top of the mountain, where an observation platform allows for stunning views of the Catawba Valley.

Go Furniture Shopping at Hickory Furniture Mart

Go Furniture Shopping at Hickory Furniture Mart

North Carolina and especially Hickory, has a reputation for its beautiful artisanship of stunning furniture and unique pieces.

Hickory Furniture Mart is a popular place to buy renowned furniture with its trademark craftsmanship of North Carolina. This shopping mart is the go-to place of a lot of locals to buy their quality furniture without being too heavy on the pocket. You will find some fantastic pieces from the expert craftsmen here at a reasonable cost.

Even if you cannot buy furniture, visit the Hickory Furniture Mart to look around and see the beautiful furniture that North Carolina is famous for.

Hickory Aviation Museum

Situated at the Hickory Regional Airport, Hickory Aviation Museum is an aerospace museum that showcases the history of the golden age of aviation.

The museum is kept up to date by regularly adding artifacts and exhibits.

That is why the artifacts in the museum range from World War II to the present day. The displays and exhibits include NC natives Bill and George Preddy’s display.

Along with displays, the museum also has models for the visitors to see to showcase how much the designs of the aircraft changed to the F-18 Hornet from Wright Flyer.


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