Best Drinks for Skin Whitening and Lightening

Best Drinks for Skin Whitening and Lightening

Having healthy skin is not just what you wear on your skin – it’s about what you eat and drink. Vitamins and antioxidants from certain foods, like kale, avocados, and beets, help your body retain water and healthy skin from the inside out. Start with this list of the best drinks for Skin Whitening and Lightening – they’re packed with nutrients to help brighten, smoother, younger-looking skin – and give your skin a boost!

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Grape Juice

Grape Juice

Rich in Vitamin A and C, grape juice comes a close second on the list as grape juice is extremely effective in retaining collagen. Collagen helps in keeping skin elastic and supple. Apart from this, grape juice also Retinol take care of the damaged skin and helps in getting rid of pigmentation and dark patches. Since it has Potassium, grape juice is also helpful in optimizing the circulation of blood giving flawless clear, and glowing skin.

Apple Juice

Apple fruit is considered extremely healthy. Apple juice delays the aging process. Apple juice is rich in anti-oxidants, and hence boosts the capability of your skin to fight agents which block the pores. Drink Apple fruit juice in the evening to bring natural radiance to your face. Iron present in Apples can give you s severe stomach aches if consumed without eating anything. Minerals present in Apples ensure that your skin glows throughout the year. Remember the compliment ‘Kashmiri seb’? If your Dietitian or Doctor says that you are anemic or lack minerals, then apple is your one-stop shop.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice
Best Drinks for Skin Whitening: Watermelon Juice

Best Drinks for Skin Whitening: Watermelon Juice is a natural source of fresh water and acts as an effective Toner and a helpful remedy for lightening your skin. It is mostly made up of water, and hence hydrates your skin, keeps the temperature low, and can be applied on sunburns. The minerals effectively flush out toxins from the body and when applied on the face, swallows all the dirt and cure suntan. You can also apply the juice to your face by mixing it with gram flour. Make a thin paste, apply it and allow it to dry before washing it with cold water for a long-lasting brighter complexion.

Tomato Juice

You can directly squeeze tomato juice on your face and it’s one of the best drinks to attain flawless and fair skin. For oily skin, it works wonders. Any ailment or problem related to beauty and tomato will bless you. Dark spots, tanning, excess oil, pigmentation, rough uneven skin, under-eye circles, etc. are all cured by Tomato. Try to include tomato juice once a week in case you are regular with your beauty regime. You can also use Tomato juice with Fuller’s Earth, make an even paste and apply it to your face for twenty minutes for a sparkling smooth and white face.

Carrot and beetroot juice

Carrot and beetroot juice

If there’s one veggie we can’t stop admiring, it is beetroot. Just look at its lovely color. And that’s not all: it is also a powerhouse of nutrients. And that’s exactly why beetroot juice is great for your health. Some people also like to add carrots to this juice and trust us, it’s a match made in heaven.
beetroot and carrot juice detoxify the body, because of the presence of betaine in beetroot which improves healthy liver function. Carrot, too, helps to release toxins from the body. What’s more, both beetroots and carrots are superfoods that reduce inflammation in our bodies.
Lastly, this juice improves blood circulation, and being a rich source of vitamins A and C, gives you a healthy glow!

How to use Fruit Juices for Fair Glowing Skin

There are many ways to use fruit juices on the face for fair glowing skin. Like,
1. Sprinkle some on your face.
2. Dip cotton and dab it on your face gently.
3. Put some juice in an ice tray. Let it freeze, and then rub these cubes on your face for splendid results. But do this only in case of extreme summers and do not eat Rice, Curd, or anything cold after this treatment. Try this treatment during the daytime only.
4. Drink it, simple!
Use fruit juice for facial treatment only when the juice is freshly procured. Stay away from the canned or preserved fruit juices. Do not add sugar or salt and do not strain your drink either.


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